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Is There Really a Difference in Electrical Transformer Manufacturers?

At Johnson Electric Coil Company, we recognize that OEMs, repair and service technicians, machine shops, fabricators, and electronics manufacturers have a lot of different choices when looking for electrical transformer manufacturers. Read more...


Steps In Manufacturing Custom Inductors

At Johnson Electric Coil Company, we work with many different companies with global needs to design and manufacture custom inductors and transformers unique to their specifications. Most of our customers are established OEMs, but we also work with smaller companies, startups, and research institutions. Read more...


Not All Transformer Manufacturers Are the Same

Many electronics and electrical systems need transformers and inductors. In fact, some might need several types, including isolation and autotransformers. How do you know which type that you need- single or 3 phase transformer? It's always best to consult a transformer manufacturer to make sure you're getting the right product. Read more...

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