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Three Phase Isolation Transformers

We design dry-type three phase isolation transformers to meet your custom requirements: special voltage requirements, taps where you need them, your choice of winding configurations, terminations to suit your installation, unusual sizes and shapes, up to 250kVA—we do it all! You pay only for what you need, no more, no less.
Three phase Transformer designs are carefully co-ordinated to meet your critical characteristics- electrical performance-terminations-size-weight-price.

Three Phase Isolation Transformers
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Single Phase Isolation Transformers
Single Phase Autotransformers
Three Phase Inductors and Chokes

Johnson Electric Coil Company provides complete design, engineering, and manufacturing services to supply our customers with the finest, most efficient and cost-effective three phase isolation transformers. Our three phase isolation transformer design and manufacturing capabilities are some of the broadest in the industry. We can fully support our customer’s safety agency requirements with expertise in both domestic and foreign agency requirements. In addition to our specialty engineering and manufacturing services, we work with our customers to customize scheduling, packaging, shipping, billing, and communication practices to meet their unique inventory management, product handling, delivery, and customer service needs. Our goal is to provide a level of quality and service that enables our customers to be leaders in their markets. While we mainly sell in the US, our three phase isolation transformers are found all over the world as components in OEM equipment. We pride ourselves on being the only transformer company our customers need.

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