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Manufacturer of Custom Transformers, Autotransformers, Inductors, and Chokes

We work with our customers to ensure that they get the products they need, where they need them, when they need them. If you’re looking for a top of the line custom transformer solution, a standard electric transformer, or a custom inductor solution, then look no further than Johnson Electric Coil Company, celebrating 84 years at the top of the industry.

Custom Transformer Manufacturers for a Wide Range of Industries

Johnson Electric Coil Company is a custom transformer manufacturer providing a customizable service and a wide range of products for a number of different applications. As electrical transformer manufacturers, we produce everything in the range of custom electrical transformers from single and three phase autotransformers to single and three phase isolation transformers to single and three phase custom inductors.

Electrical Transformer Suppliers Dedicated to Quality

We are committed to giving our customers more than the typical transformer manufacturer, providing isolation transformer options and many other electro-magnetic products. We are proud to be known as the industrial transformer manufacturer you can depend on. We take care to ensure that all of our products are designed with informed attention to detail, made with premium build materials, and to robust construction standards. Everything we make is done according to a demanding specification and held to a high standard of quality, ensuring that when you use us for your transformers, you end up with high-performing products that will last for years.

Manufacturers of Transformers

When it comes to manufacturing transformers, our aim is always to make our customers' lives as easy as possible! Flexible, responsive, and adaptable—every part of what we do is focused on helping our customers get what they need on time and on budget. With competitive pricing as standard, we are the provider of choice for a significant number of companies across the country.

We Are a 5S Company Using Lean Manufacturing Techniques.

  • CAD Supported Design Services
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing to Custom Specs
  • Comprehensive UL, CSA, CE, and RoHS Compliance to all Domestic & International Standards

Johnson Electric Coil is a 5S Company using Lean Manufacturing Techniques

Our single and three phase autotransformers are the best custom transformers on the market with special voltage requirements and terminations that meet your installation needs. We build these custom transformers to meet your specifications.

Committed to providing the best electric transformers on the market, Johnson Electric Coil Company offers premium single phase and three phase autotransformers for virtually any application. We do it all!

As a leading producer manufacturer of toroidal transformers and other electric transformers, we have learned that offering custom solutions is the best way to provide high quality products to our customers.

When it comes to inductors and chokes, only the best is good enough for your application. So come to the best! Here at Johnson Electric Coil Company, we design and manufacture high quality, custom single phase and three phase inductors and chokes. We do it all here at Johnson Electric Coil Company, which is why our inductors and chokes are second to none on the market. Custom built to meet your needs, we can do it all!

Johnson Electric Coil Company provides complete design, engineering, and manufacturing services to supply our customers with the finest, most efficient, custom transformers and inductors. Our design and manufacturing capabilities are some of the broadest in the industry. We can fully support our customer’s safety agency requirements with expertise in both domestic and foreign agency requirements. In addition to our engineering and manufacturing services, we work with our customers to customize scheduling, packaging, shipping, billing, and communication practices to meet their unique inventory management, product handling, delivery, and customer service needs. Our goal is to provide a level of quality and service that enables our customers to be leaders in their markets. While we mainly sell in the US, our products are found all over the world as components in OEM equipment. We pride ourselves on being the only transformer company our customers need.

Johnson Electric Coil celebrating over 80 Years

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