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Julie Berndt Named VP of Operations


Julie Berndt, General Manager and member of the Johnson Electric Coil Company Board of Directors, has been named VP of Operations. Julie recently completed an MS Degree in Operations and Supply Management through UW-Stout. An Antigo High School graduate, she has been with the company for 26 years, having worked her way from accounting to customer service to the position she holds today.

When asked what she likes best about manufacturing, Julie responded, "I cannot pick one thing about manufacturing that I like the best, because there is so much to love about it! Manufacturing is an exciting and rewarding career-it is my passion! The environment alone is exciting. As I walk through our shop and listen to the sounds of building something, it simply fills me with a sense of pride, knowing that at the end of the day we accomplished something really amazing! Every day there is a new problem to solve, a challenge to face, and endless opportunities. It is so much fun to get our team together to work on these problems, challenges, and opportunities. And as I see what has been accomplished through this collaboration, I am instantly filled with a sense of gratification-something only people in manufacturing can explain!"

Julie's graduate research paper, entitled "Successful Manufacturing Using Lean Methodology," focused on the need for greater efficiencies in the company's heavy product manufacturing area in particular, in order to optimize labor, improve response time, and increase profitability. Based on the findings of the study and under Julie's direction, transformation of Johnson Electric Coil Company's heavy product area is currently underway.

Johnson Electric Coil Company, a small, family-owned business founded in 1934, is a custom designer and manufacturer of transformers and inductors. Today, the company generates annual sales of $8.5 million and employs 60 people, all in Antigo. Manufacturing employees comprise 80% of its workforce. The guiding principles under which Johnson Electric Coil Company operates are its mission, values, and lean principles. The company serves a diverse market, and its transformers are found in many industries, such as welding, machine tool, semiconductor, and power protection. Unlike off-the-shelf products, each custom design is specific to one particular application and for one customer. Johnson Electric Coil Company has identified two primary goals: to remain a small, family-owned business and to provide sustainable, local employment for the future.

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